1 May 2011

TCR # 34 It Tickles and Pearls of Laughter - November 2010

I normally don't upload anything that I haven't specifically made for TCR, but I simply couldn't resist with the palette #34. This is something that I made for my cousin's birthday earlier this year. It's her and her son William in the photo. The title says "it tickles". I finished the sequel to it some time ago but have been saving it for X-mas. It will also be framed. Am uploading it separateley. TFL! any comment is so appreciated!

Here's the sequel to my #34_It Tickles. Same photo but this time in B&W. It will also be framed and given to my cousin for X-mas. Used up quite a bit from my Prima stash here. Thank you so much for looking and taking the time to make any comments!

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