1 May 2011

TCR #11 On Wobbly Legs - June 2011

We are in the Sun Room and the colours sure are sunny and bright. I will admit it without further ado; orange and I are not exactly the best of pals. This palette is seriously seriously taking me outside my comfort zone!

I spent all my childhood summers in Finland. My favourite auntie and her family had a farm with cows, sheep, kittens and a great number of other exotic animals for a city girl like me. This photo is taken in July 1960 (there are old-fashioned hay-drying racks in the background), I was a year old and am exploring the dirtroad outside my nana's house. Green patterned paper with tiny daisies is from Papermania's "Honey & Hugs". So are the cut-out figures. The tangerine dotted one is from my stash. I drew the flowers, curled and distressed them a bit. The pink/white striped flower is handmade too. Weren't our childhood summers always sunny?! TFL!

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