1 May 2011

TCR #16 Country Boy - July 2010

This week we are in the Family Room. Some members are scrapping Christmas related photos, while others see something else in the inspirational photo.

Only a few days before the reveal, DH and I were out on a drive on the country side and he wore this red polo shirt. Spot on with a couple of left-over papers from GB Wassail. DH's dad worked on different estates during the 1960's so DH was brought up in the country. On our drive last week, we visited one of the estates and when passing a golden field of wheat, I asked him to pose for a pic. Couldn't resist the wellies which I printed out from one of Joanna Sheen's CD's. TFL! .. and yes, we stopped for a "fika" of course! Thos of you who are new to the word, that is the treasured coffee break with cake that no Swede can survive without :))

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